THElocal election campaign is well underway but I must admit you wouldn´t think that we are very close to a local election which will decide who governs the Balearics over the next four years. The Partido Popular, presently in opposition but widely tipped to win the elections by a landslide, appear to be cruising to victory with not much opposition. Granted there is still three weeks to go and officially the campaign hasn't started yet but you don´t get the impression that the other parties are putting up much of a fight.

You do get the impression that in some ways they are resigned to defeat. However, as we all know, a day is a long time in politics and the Partido Popular must win by a landslide if they want to form the next Balearic government. If they fall short of an overall majority, then we could easily see a return of the coalition government which has ruled these islands for the last four years. I think the voter would also like to see more “action” by the parties.

There are already fears of a poor turn-out by voters. Local politics has been tarnished by a whole series of corruption allegations involving the previous Partido Popular administration of Jaume Matas. In those the Partido Popular were in coalition with the Majorcan Unionist Party. The former leaders of both parties have been charged with fraud and corruption. But looking ahead to this election and the parties need to make an effort for the good of the Balearics.