By Jason Moore This should be the slogan of this weekend's local elections. I sincerely doubt that any party is going to win by a landslide and this is where the smaller parties will come into play. While in Britain voting for one of the smaller parties is almost a wasted vote because of the “first past the post electoral system” in Spain it is almost the reverse. My prediction is that it will not be Francesc Antich or Jaume Matas (the socialist and conservative candidates) deciding who forms the next local government it will be Maria Antonia Munar of the Majorcan Unionist Party, Pere Sampol of the Majorcan Socialist Party and Margalida Rossello of the Greens/United Left coalition. I also doubt that there will be an outright winner in many of the key councils and once again the mainstream parties will have to turn to the three parties I have mentioned above to get their support so that they are able to form a government. It will be easier for the socialists because really there is only a single party of the right (the Partido Popular) and four or five who have left wing tendencies combined with nationalism. Perhaps, it is a good system as every vote counts. The Majorcan Unionist Party polled barely 20'000 votes at the last elections but they were vital and as a result the coalition local government was born. In return the Unionists wanted control of the Council of Majorca. Not bad for just 20'000 votes. The Partido Popular which polled more that five time more were left to sit on the opposition benches. Munar has become a past master in the role of match-maker and she is expected to come into play once again. While the campaign has been a rather dull affair the hours after the election will prove most interesting. Today is the last day of campaigning. Saturday is the day of reflection and nothing can be reported which could alter how people vote. It is a good idea and I am sure that everyone has plenty to reflect on. There is an assumption that most European Union expatriates will be voting for the Partido Popular. I have heard this said on many occasions. But I think this is far from the truth. We are talking about local elections and what local politicians here seem to forget (although it is difficult sometimes to believe he is socialist) is that Britain is ruled by a Labour government which has won by a landslide in two elections. In other words Blair equals Antich, Najera and Toni Roig in Palma. Blair may be a great friend of Jose Maria Aznar but Aznar's views are up there with those of Iain Duncan Smith and not Blair. Also, I find it rather stupid for local politicians to suggest that because many European Union expatriates have the money to afford a house in the sun they will vote for right-wing parties. Wrong again. I remember a British expatriate and a Tory voter who lived in Majorca for many years who moved back to Britain and voted for one of the so-called “looney left parties” in his council elections and he is still singing their praises. But in general elections he votes true blue. There we go, the beauty of local polls. I have said in this newspaper before it is vital that we all vote on Sunday. It is not their election it is our election also. I sincerely hope that all those people who have written to this newspaper over the last four years complaining about their council are out in force on Sunday. This is the time to have your say. You may not be able to change anything but at least you've done something. The days of keeping your head below the parapet are long gone. Stick your head out and vote. Not forgetting of course that you can read about the election in a special second edition of the Bulletin which will appear on Monday.