By Jason Moore

The former Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, said yesterday that during his eight years as council leader he was unable to go ahead with many projects because key departments in Palma where controlled by the his political rivals. One project he mentioned was the sinking of a decommissioned Spanish frigate off the Calvia coast which would have become a major attraction for divers. He said that he it was a great shame that the project never went ahead.

Delgado is expected to become a Balearic minister in the cabinet of new leader Jose Ramon Bauza. In some ways he is right and the fact that the Council of Majorca was controlled by the socialists meant that some projects were blocked. However, the Council of Majorca will soon in the hands of Delgado´s Partido Popular, so there can be no excuses. The election victory of the Partido Popular will mean that they will control all the main Balearic institutions. They must all work together for the good of the Balearics. I think the frigate proposal is still a good idea. A Royal Navy frigate was sunk off the coast of Plymouth and it has become a major tourist attraction, generating much income for the local economy. At the moment the Calvia project is locked in court although Delgado said yesterday that he was confident that the judges would rule in their favour. Perhaps, now the project will go ahead and Calvia will go on the map as a major diving destination.