By Jason Moore

THE local authorities are busy scrapping official cars and limiting mobile phone calls but why wasn´t this done when the sun was shining economically? Why does it take one of the worst recessions in history for the local authorities to make savings? There was no need for every local official to have an official car. Also, Balearic leader Francesc Antich has been busy scrapping and merging government departments.

This could also have been done earlier and costs would have been reduced as a direct result. There are no excuses: did the Balearics really need a local ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries?

Obviously not because it has been scrapped. This is what annoys me about local authorities. When the sun is shining economically speaking, they spend money like water but when times get hard then cuts are made. What sort of message does this give your poor hardworking taxpayer? All politicians should be made to use public transport or go to work on a bicycle. After all, the Palma city council has spent a small fortune on building cycle tracks and has called on us to use them. Meanwhile, they are busy being driven around in their official cars. Then people ask why we have lost trust in our politicians!!! One rule for all, please.