Dear Sir,

I read with pleasure in today's Bulletin (June 10th) the report by Frank Leavers on the Summer Fayre at the Mallorca Cricket Club which I attended with my family. The “shy little girl with the smile of a Botticelli angel” who won the tots race as described by Frank was my daughter Skye, who was ecstatic not only to have won but also to have been treated so kindly by Frank and everyone who gave their time to the event. Any feelings of family pride on my part were sadly rapidly diminished however by my rather lacklustre performance in the parents egg and spoon race where, after an early lead. I was reduced to crawling in second to last after the demon gravity took its toll on my progress, behind 3 ladies one of whom was in high heels!!! Altogether, it was a fantastic day and I would like to thank all concerned and especially Frank who really made my daughter's day. Thank you.

Perry Wilkes

Dear Sir, Having read the letter written last week in the Majorca Daily Bulletin about the man who had holidayed in Puerto Pollensa for 30 years, I felt I had to comment. My wife and family have been coming to North Majorca for the last 15 years and have always thought what a gem it was compared to the busier resorts in the south of the Island.

However when walking through the marina in Alcudia one evening during our stay we happened by a woman with a fish tank selling bags of bread to tourists to feed the fish in the marina. We were then offered sunglasses and dvds not 5 meters down the pier.

I had quite liked the night market of the last 2 years. It brought people in to the marina and my wife and daughters would always stop and look at the stalls (while I looked at the boats). There had been some rather nice stalls selling jewellery and clothes.

What I found this year came as a shock, the bread, fake sunglasses, illegal dvd and cds, fake watches and people ‘touting for business' is not what I want when I am going out to dinner. I have been told that if you work in the port you can now have a stall in the port ‘market'. What next? A stall for the dancers at the New Pacific? Do the Alcudia marina not see what is happening? There is a new restaurant opened who have obviously invested a great deal of money in creating clean and comfortable surroundings for their diners - one wonders what they feel about the obvious touting for business further down the ‘market' Bistro Mar is one of my favourite restaurants in Alcudia and I have been dining there for the last 7 years when I holiday in Majorca. Neither myself nor my wife wish to be harassed when we go out for a meal - You would expect that sort of ‘hard selling' in the area around Bellevue but not in a marina where people keep such expensive boats.

I am pleased in so many ways that Alcudia seems to be getting so much right compared to previous years but I fear the powers that be may simply sit on their laurels as did Puerto Pollensa - a resort we no longer stay at.