By Ray Fleming

From the start of America's involvement in Afghanistan President Karsai, has been a difficult partner, much given to making demands of the US and NATO forces in his country that seemed directed more to his personal status, than to the interests of his people.

That having been said, is not difficult to see why, he has taken exception to the way in which Washington, has reached an agreement for talks with the Taliban, about its role in the country after the US exit at the end of 2014.

Hamid Karsai, says that the talks should be Afghan-led and that he should take the lead role and if that principle is not established he will not take part.

The matter has been further complicated by the offer of Quatar to host the talks and to facilitate the opening of a Taliban office, complete with the display of the movement's flag.

It has to be remembered that Afghanistan was ruthlessly ruled by the Taliban, until the US invasion in 2001, in search of Osama bin Laden and for more than a decade has been a thorn in the side of the US and its allies.

Although, the movement cannot be ignored it would be strange if it found itself in as powerful position as the Karsai government, at the end of next year. What would the long war then have been about?