By Jason Moore

AN opinion poll for our sister newspaper, Ultima Hora, this weekend confirms what politicial commentators have been saying for some time, that the centre right Partido Popular is on course for a landslide victory at the next local elections in May next year.

According to their survey not only will the Partido Popular take control of the Balearic government they will also win an overall majority on the all powerful Palma city council. The opinion poll points to an end to coalition government in the Balearics. The opinion poll says that the Majorcan Unionist Party, tarnished by political corruption allegations, will go into meltdown losing their councillors on the city council and also representation in the Balearic parliament. The Majorcan Unionists will see most of their support go to the Partido Popular.

The socialists, under Balearic President Francesc Antich, will see their share of the vote increase although they will be far behind the Partido Popular. The election clock is ticking and if the opinion poll proves to be correct then there will be a major political change across the island. The socialist/nationalist coalition will disappear and a single party will be in overall control. However, there is still nine months to go and plenty can happen in politics.