Dear Sir,
Donald Trelford’s article in Thursdays Daily B highlights an aspect of Tony Blair’s character that has received scant attention – his religious beliefs. Blair refers to his covenant with the Prophets of the Old Testament. Certainly he has acted like a Messiah leading us into more than one Holy War. Despite the abysmal failures in both Afghanistan and Iraq he refuses any blame and would solve them by two more Jihads – Syria and Northern Iraq (I may have over looked Libya?).
I think it was Jeremy Paxman who fazed him by asking if he and George Bush prayed together. He was obviously uncomfortable with the question and did not answer. A similar question to him at a Press Conference needed deflection by his PR Guru Alastair Campbell “we don’t do religion!” In fact this, like the dodgy dossier, was not true. For many years Blair had converted to Catholicism but kept it secret presumably because (again) he did not believe the hoi-polloi were capable of understanding his latest heavenly revelation. He did not reveal his conversion until he left Downing Street. Perhaps like Disraeli he believed the UK could only accept Protestant PMs.
Mike Lillico
Palma de Palma

Playa De Palma/Magalluf Police
Dear Sir,
So, 64 Policia spent 2 hours dealing with the problems on Playa de Palma. I wonder if 64 Policia, could deal with the Prostitutes, within hours?
It raises further concerns. Why, are glass bottles, being sold to tourists. Surely the supermarkets and shops, should have a restriction placed on to whom they sell products, in glass bottles. (Perhaps manufacturers should only supply beverages in plastic bottles).
 The loud music players, should be confiscated, and not returned.
Taking trays of glasses of alcohol, from an all inclusive hotel, down to the beach should result in a fine for both those drinking guests, and their hotels.
No doubt the same problem is prevalent in Magalluf, and gradually spreading to other parts of the island.
Perhaps a warning leaflet is needed, to be distributed at the airport when the tourists arrive.
Then when accosted by the Policia and Guardia, they have no excuse for breaking the local laws. It follows, that these leaflets need to be available in all the hotels etc.
Also, when given the arrival welcoming introduction at the Hotels, representatives of the Tour Operators, need to endorse the rules applying to the Good Citizen Laws, and warn of any consequences, should they break those laws.
Yours faithfully,
F S Jessop