Dear Sir,
I read with interest your article today on the proposed closure of terraces in Palma.
I presume that the terraces bring in income for the cafes and therefore tax revenue for the council along with the charge the council levy for use of the terrace.  
Also to be taken into account is the taxes payable by those who work on the terraces. Jhardi herself explained that they were going to wait until next February before implementing the plans as they did not wish to cause loss of jobs, this somewhat begs the question ‘do jobs that dont exist next year due to policies implemented count as lost jobs?’
  Palma, indeed Majorca needs tourists to survive and the more they spend the better for us, more seats means more bums on seats which means higher turner and its associated benefits.   I could rant on for ages but I’m too hot! It seems to me that Jhardi is waging a jihadi against terraces and thus the businesses of Mallorca and therefore those who live on the Island. Typical Spanish politics when all said and done, if a business shows innovation and starts to succeed then it’s best  be crushed.

Dear Sir,
We continue to read about the Mallorca Taxi Drivers Association complaining of “illegal cab services”. “Unlicenced drivers”, “unfair competition”, etc, etc. However this is all nonsense. The private car hire firms and resort hopper buses at the airport are not illegal. They are not cabs or taxi’s, and they have all the licences that they require. There is nothing unfair about them, they’re just healthy competition, which in a Democracy should be encouraged. Could somebody inform the MTDA that Franco is dead, and monopolies died with him.
                                                                     Palma Nova

Dear Sir,
 I suppose your relative didn’t want to remember that he had bombed and killed people and that caused him pain in his later years even though it was necessary and saved our country and Europe . My Mum who just died at 92 had a boyfriend (still living) who was a poster boy for ‘Careless talk’ posters as he had been a Spitfire pilot. DFM etc medals. Also Bomber Harris  and his squadron was not awarded  monument until recently and even then it was criticised.    I enjoy your posts and read everyday as we are Soller valley fans.

 Dear Sirs,

So after a horse collapses from exhaustion Palma is looking at alternatives for the horse - drawn carriages. I’m surprised that they haven’t considered changing to bulls, when the bull collapses everyone will cheer and the brave driver will be a hero.
                                                                  Palma Nova