Dear Sir,
I have just read today’s paper and was somewhat upset by Mr Leavers' comments regarding the “gross overcharging of restaurant food on the island”. Whilst I sympathize with Mr Leavers receiving poor food at what he feels is an unreasonable price in one restaurant, this is certainly not general on the island.

I, a restaurant owner, pride myself in providing good food, good service and at a reasonable price. There are also many good restaurants on this island that provide the same. Tell me where in the UK you can get a three-course menu of the day including a drink for under 12€ (approx £10). A general meal of a reasonable quality is still also very good value when compared to the UK.
Please don’t generalize our businesses with a trip to one restaurant, as comments like that infer we are all bad and will only assist in the tourists staying in their al-inclusive hotels, as you paint us in a bad picture.

William Haycock
Cala Bona