Dear Sir,
One aspect of the referendum does not appear to have been considered – and it is the most hazardous of all. I refer to the strong possibility of the UK breaking up. At present there is a strong possibility – or even probability - of England voting "Brexit" and Scotland voting "Remain".

It is all very well and good for the government to push the matter under the carpet by claiming that Scotland must abide by the majority. But Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the ruling Scot-Nat party has already declared she will abide by the wishes of the Scottish nation.

The overtones of such a situation are frightening, A few years down the line and we could see a highly profitable oil-producing Scotland inside the EU separating itself from a debt-riven, impoverished, shrivelled down little England.

Sir, this is too serious a matter to be left until after the referendum.

It must be resolved now, even if the referendum has to be postponed.

David Lee
Costa de la Calma