Dear Sir,
What has happened to objective reporting in the Majorca Daily Bulletin (Wed 04/04). Did either yourself or Frank Leavers view the interview of Michael Howard on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday before regurgitating at fifth hand a highly distorted view of his comments.

Perhaps Sean at Ocean Palma can advise on a suitable Freesat recorder box so that you can view UK political interviews first hand.

Michael Howard merely pointed out that the last UK lady prime minister dispatched a task force when last in conflict with a Spanish speaking country in respect of sovereignty of a British Overseas Territory - a broma! But clearly MDB was not amused but chose to blow up the comments out of all proportion.

What is the biggest enemy of Brexit - is it the written and TV media who choose the lazy route of constantly reporting without challenge the hysterical quotes of bemoaners who always have the UK jumping off a cliff? How about a series of 27 objective assessments of the benefits of UK trade and collaboration with each of the remaining EU countries:

- The high volume of German car exports to the UK

- Spanish agricultural and wine sales to the UK - the benefits to Europe of the UK being one of the few fully paid up members of Nato

- The major contributions of UK intelligence in the fight against terror

So no more hysterical and lazy journalism from the MDB?

As the question of Gibraltar raises its head yet again will someone at the MDB explain to me why the Spanish owned enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are good but the British owned Gibraltar is bad. Hypocritical?

Santa Ponsa