'Athena' in Palma. | Gabriel Alomar


The luxurious 3-masted schooner, ‘Athena’ sailed from Antibes to Palma on Saturday and is moored at Club de Mar.

She’s 90 metres long, weighs 1,120 tons and is one of the biggest private sailboats in the world and can reach a speed of more than 20 knots, thanks to her 2,600 square metres of sail area.

‘Athena’ was built by Royal Huisman in the Netherlands in 2004, was inspired by the golden age of sailing and is available to rent for 340,000 euros per week.

Her exterior was designed by Pieter Beeldsnijder and her interior was designed by Rebecca Bradley. Noble woods were used for the teak decks and in the panels and the yacht's large living room and main dining room combine with the deep marine flavour of other elements onboard, such as the big steering wheel and thrown bow inspired by the legendary 'clippers' of yesteryear.

‘Athena’ can accommodate ten guests and a score of crew members with genuine seafaring tradition. She is owned by Internet entrepreneur James H. Clark and charters for €340,000 a week.

The construction of luxury private sailboats is a segment within the super and mega-yacht market, which is currently divided into different options, to suit owners.

‘Athena’ represents the most traditional option of a privately owned sailboat, whereas designs like 'Sailing Yacht ‘A’' constitute the most futuristic aspect. Inbetween are the the mega-sailboats such as ‘Black Pearl’ and ‘Maltese Falcon’ which incorporate striking avant-garde elements without renouncing a marine aesthetic.