The sale of electric bikes skyrocketed during the pandemic and they are fast becoming more popular than scooters.

“The e-bike has less requirements than a scooter and it offers better mobility, because you can ride on any intercity lane, whereas on a scooter you have to adapt to the bike lanes and the 30 limit lanes. For me an e-bike is more useful than a scooter and if the battery is flat you can always just pedal,” explains Jaime Alonso, from Voltion. “The e-bike is the most sustainable means of transport with a motor, because it reduces pollution and it’s also the healthiest option because it promotes an active lifestyle and improves our physical condition.”

More and more people are choosing e-bikes as their preferred mode of transport in the Balearic Islands.

"It is no longer the vehicle of the future, it’s the vehicle of the present,” claims Alonso, who admits that a lot of people need advice before buying one. "There are some very cheap Chinese models, but they’re mostly poor quality, so it’s better to buy one in the 800-2,500 euro range, but there are bikes that cost upwards of 6,000 euros.”


Jamie Alonso has some suggestions that he says people should keep in mind if they’re thinking about buying an e-bike.

A folding e-bike is very practical because it fits in the trunk of a car and we all know how difficult it is to park in Palma. Being able to park anywhere and take out a bike to ride around the centre of town makes life so much easier,” he says. “I would also suggest buying a vehicle that has good autonomy of between 20 and 100 kilometres. The bikes usually have a 250 watt engine, which makes it possible to extend the charging time to 5-6 hours and we recommend using disc brakes."