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MUMIT finally lands in Palma de Mallorca with their new and renovated concept store, a boutique, an establishment with which the brand goes a step further in their strategy, showing a unique style, offering customers an unforgettable luxury experience. After the launch of their new ecommerce last month, the brand has experienced an exponential growth thanks to the improvement of the shopping experience for their customers, both national and international, something that has undoubtedly been detected by the brand as an opportunity to serve and satisfy a new audience. In this sense, the city of Palma has become the brand's new commitment thanks to their national and international tourism, a key point in line with the brand's strategy.

The company is once again committed to perfectly blend two concepts: Contemporary design and luxury in a unique space, an atelier where dreams come true. A space that connects the senses with the beauty of nature, the purity of the materials, the visual freshness and the most renewed luxury, housing the most exquisite creations in natural gems and extraordinary diamonds set in 18k gold, very characteristic of the brand.

From their sophisticated colours to their carefully chosen decoration, MUMIT seeks to transport their customers to a parallel universe where elegance, sophistication and modernity reign. The new visual concept and game of sensations envelop the most select creations of the firm, among which some of their most special high jewellery pieces stand out. A dialogue between container and content, redefining modern and contemporary luxury.

In addition to careful lighting used to enhance the collections while creating a unique atmosphere, this new space features an exquisite selection of noble and unique materials such as natural wood, elegant marble and natural textures, all imported from their places of origin, carefully selected becuase of their high quality and which combine contemporary aesthetics with the DNA of the firm.

In the centre of the shop you will find a visual highlight, an extremely delicate luminaire made with white porcelain leaves that evokes the island's nature and craftsmanship.

Their exquisite service, another hallmark of the brand, will bring together in this space, points of personalised assistance, a great statement with a service fully adapted to every need, raising the luxury experience of the client to the maximum.

The ‘Isla de la Calma’ is the eleventh point of sale in Spain. From 15th June, the Mediterranean city will have the most acclaimed designs of the house in their new boutique located in El Corte Ingles in Alexandre Rossello.


With a great story of jewellery tradition behind them, the firm has set out to bring the world of gems and natural diamonds in contemporary designs with a timeless aesthetic to conquer the youngest customer as well as all-time jewellery enthusiastics. Thus was born MUMIT, a fine jewellery brand with a Spanish DNA, made in 18k gold and with the most exclusive selection of precious gems on the international market, among which of course, natural diamonds tend to stand out. Today Mumit has become a reference in the fine jewellery market of our country.

Being synonymous with excellence, quality and modernity, the house MUMIT has decided to land in Palma de Mallorca this June with the opening of their eleventh boutique in Spain. A sophisticated and unique space that houses its most desired collections, which include their successful luxury piercings in 18k gold set with natural with gems and diamonds, and with which the brand takes a step further in its expansion strategy, showing a fresh, feminine and elegant style, but above all, very personal to offer their customers a unique luxury experience. Their careful customer service has become their hallmark, highlighting its Atelier service, which allows the creation of custom orders. MUMIT has already conquered the most ezquisite public including celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Maria Valverde and Amaia Salamanca.

If there is a brand capable of adapting trends to the jewellery universe, this is MUMIT. A safe bet that promotes buying less and buying better, special jewellery that will last over time and that is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, both for everyday wear and for the most special occasions.

My Initial Diamond Earring in 18k White Gold 99€

Irina Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold 1495€

MY Initial Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold 239€

Crown Oval Emerald Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold 329€