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The expert lawyers at Castell.Law take stock of the services most in demand this summer in Mallorca. These last three months have once again reached record numbers of tourists and foreign visits to the Balearic Islands. Tourism has been reactivated after the pandemic and it has done so by also reactivating the work of lawyers in Mallorca, lawyers in Ibiza and also in Menorca.

This summer has been the most normal after the pandemic and after Brexit, a fact that has also marked a before and after in the relationship that the British had with our country. For this reason, the most demanded services have changed when compared to those of 2019, the year before the pandemic and Brexit.

The most demanded services of this 2022

1. Property Lawyers. Property sales, after a period of uncertainty marked by the pandemic and the crisis, have been reactivated with great force. Mallorca did not stop during the crisis and high-quality homes were built in the most sought-after areas, such as Andratx, Calvià, Palma, the Sierra de Tramuntana area and towns such as Santanyí and Artá. It was also a time to refurbish old properties and put them up for sale. This has made the housing offer very juicy for those who want to come and live in Mallorca or who are looking for an opportunity to invest. In this way, one of the most common requests in law firms is that of property lawyers, feasibility studies, investment analysis, real estate sales, project managers and tax studies. Castell.Law has a specialised team that this year has increased its work by 200%, increasing the need to reinforce the team in the middle of the summer to deal with the multiple demands that have come to its office.

2. Golden Visa Lawyers. Another of the most requested services is obtaining a residence permit in Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca. Living on our islands legally, and being able to access all public benefits, is a goal for many foreign families. Also for investors and entrepreneurs. Many of these residence and nationality procedures are carried out by the same people who decide to buy a house in Mallorca, their habitual residence. In fact, the purchase of a property of more than 500,000 euros is one of the requirements to obtain this residence permit very easily, so sometimes the service is twofold: real estate lawyer and immigration lawyer. This double service is offered by Castell.Law at its offices in Palma de Mallorca, but it is also a service that can be contracted from the country of origin of the interested parties. After a brief consultation, the Castell.Law teams are activated to speed up this nationality process and be able to legalize the stay of families or investors in Mallorca.

3. Criminal law. Finally, in this ranking we find the criminal law service. It is a fact that when tourism and visits by foreigners increase, as well as the saturation that the island is currently experiencing, situations arise that require the best criminal law attorney. Accidents, arguments, fights, robberies, narcotics and endless crimes that need an expert criminal law lawyer who knows the laws of Spain perfectly and at the same time can communicate with foreigners. That is why the lawyers at Castell.Law are bilingual and speak English and Spanish perfectly for better communication in difficult times such as this type of misdemeanour or crime.

In the words of Carlos Castell, founder and CEO of Castell.Law, "summer has always been the high season for us, and this year the requests for matters related to Real Estate, real estate law and immigration law have far exceeded the requests from previous years. Without a doubt, it is an honour that so many foreign clients trust us for their investments and their residence permits”.