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The new Vicenç Retreat, introduced by the Hotel El Vicenç de la Mar, is an experience for guests seeking total well-being, the perfect opportunity to re-establish the connection between mind and body and find a balance through different techniques carried out by our group of trusted professionals. On our retreats you will take part in guided.

Mindfulness sessions, gentle fitness classes, relaxation treatments, nature walks, all while immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of the sea and mountains of our island. Our Retreat in the north of Mallorca is based on a nutritional plan prepared by one of the most acclaimed chefs on the island, Santi Taura, meaning you can enjoy healthy dishes designed for your well-being. Our retreat lasts for one week, in a natural and serene environment, where our guests can enjoy a 5-star hotel with all the necessary comforts and services.


At our Retreat, we propose guided Mindfulness conducted by José Luis-Reig, clinical psychologist and professional specialist in therapeutic Mindfulness retreats, a practice to increase the feeling of peace and mental and emotional well-being. The activities that will take place in the Retreat will be: Autonomous Mindful Awakening, silence practice, body scan, mindfulness workshop, mindful eating workshop, gratitude practice, mental health and sleep, etc. The project ‘Pollensa, municipio mindful’
began to be developed in June 2017 thanks to our Mindfulness professional, José Luis, who oversaw the project through to its fruition and final approval by Pollensa’s town hall on 30th November 2017.
Mindfulness, according to psychology, is about "the ability to regulate one's attention by openly focusing on the present moment without making judgments and with acceptance.



In our programmes you can exercise for five hours of gentle gymnastics a week, carried out by our expert Cristina Moreno, a trained professional in the sports sector with more than 30 years of experience. Those who love these exercises can book additional hours during their free time. Activities such as Chi-kung, Jin-shin-Jitsu, Pranayama, Do-in, together with postural techniques such as Pilates, Yoga, Bowspring yoga, isostretching, core technique and SGA can be practiced.


Discover our Wellness area, where the main premise is to relax and let yourself be pampered in this peaceful and serene environment. One of the most complete spas in the north of Mallorca, it has everything you need for a complete thermal circuit, with our 13-metre heated pool, our relaxation area, our sauna and our wide range of beauty and wellness services using products from the prestigious Spanish brand Natura Bissé.

HEALTHY EATING - A nutritional plan made by Rosa Rullán and Clínica Morano.

At El Vicenç Mindfulness Retreat we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have the nutrition consultant, Rosa Rullán and the Clínica Morano, to work on a nutritional plan adapted to the season and to our clients.

We consider it important to place you in the hands of Professionals for health purposes, as we believe that we share values such as: "Loving oneself is synonymous with taking care of oneself".


Autonomous Mindful Awakening:
A personal experience to practice mindful techniques in daily life on a daily basis.
Silence practice:
The goal is disconnection with outside thoughts and everyday noise, and connection with the
essence of life.
Body scan:
A practice of attentional self-regulation of the body through focused attention.
Mindfulness workshop:
To learn from the scientific side the most ancient techniques of this millenary art of living.
Mindful eating workshop:
To learn about the famous international project of conscious eating from the scientists involved, in order to enjoy the benefits in mental and physical health.
Practice of gratitude:
The humility and sincerity of an attitude done in a group and aimed at the awakening of consciousness.
Mental health and sleep:
A workshop to learn about the health benefits of quality sleep with mental health professionals.



Chi-kung: Combines gentle body movements with relaxation, breathing and visualisation.
Jin-shin-Jitsu: A tool that allows a person to become aware of their body, connect with their soul and regain lost balance.
Pranayama: Based on different types of breathing to improve oxygen uptake and increase vital energy.
Do-in: Chinese origin, it is a technique based on Taoist philosophy. Self-massage promoting the circulation of Qi energy.


Pilates: Focuses on the development of internal muscles to maintain body balance and give stability and strength to the spine.
Yoga: A set of techniques and tools for the improvement and/or evolution of the human being on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is a way of life.
Isostretching: Procedure for making the body more flexible and stronger through appropriate exercises.
Basic technique: Exercises performed with a barbell or on the floor that stretches the posterior, inner and flexor muscles.
Yoga Bowspring: Alignment system based on the most current physical and biomechanical research, works with an optimal light postural pattern.
SGA: Preventive technique derived from the G.P.R. (Global Postural Re-education) especially aimed at sportsmen and women.

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