Artist Icon Zar dreamed up “Fine dining experience with a hungry artist” back in 2021, but the pandemic got in the way. The project consists of a series of initiatives, and this time we are talking about several things, from Seahorse "Bla Bla Bla" to the Golden Seahorse Award.

From Seahorse "BLa Bla Bla" to the Golden Seahorse Award

This year, the Mediterranean artist Icon Zar had a successful year with seven exhibitions in esteemed gallery spaces such as HMH gallery in Port Andratx ("Gran Blue," The endless summer”, “Absolutely feminine”, “Money “, “Playful¨, 2023); Gabriel Vanrell gallery in Palma (Nit de LÁrt 2023, "Dear WWW"), and an upcoming exhibition in the hotel Artmadams (which recently received the MAYTE SPÍNOLA GOLD MEDALS 2023 for their support of the arts).

Icon Zar is famous for her black and white speed portraits measuring 3x2 meters, depicting iconic characters. Her latest portrait is that of Andy Warhol pictured above. She also created a sculpture called "FURIOSO," a 46 cm red seahorse in collaboration with the Palma Aquarium foundation and Banca March. Currently, she is working on a full collection of different seahorses: "Furioso Unicorn" (turquoise), "Furioso Classic" (white and gold), "Furioso Faberge" (separated eggs design), and the Golden Seahorse Award ("Furioso Oscar" - gold). She only half jokes when she says: “If somebody would like to invent another Film Festival in Mallorca, your award is ready!”

Icon Zar is an artist from the Millennial generation, and she refers to her art movement as "New Money." She explains: "As the world transitions to the concept of digital money, we can't physically touch or smell it. Money is just numbers. That's why I created my own currency called the “Russian Dollar” and three series: 'From Russia with Love” (before war), 'We are Brothers and Sisters” (during),' and 'This is a Green Dollar´ (or ‘Dollar Rose)'. The last one delivers a message of HOPE for the end of the war with Ukraine."

Icon Zar is also inspired by Picasso's quote, "great artists steal". She comments, "Picasso's statement implies that 'stealing' involves an authoritative use of another artist's work, elevating his work above artists who 'politely' borrow and cite their influences. While Picasso is not the only artist to adopt this approach, I respect others' intellectual property and have patented my seahorse. So, if someone tries to copy my concept, they will find themselves dealing with my legal representative."

Icon Zar continues collaborating with various sea charities, with the aim to protect endangered sea horses, including the JoyRon foundation, which has great respect for art and innovation.

El Sotano by Folies

For this month's Fine dining with a hungry artist Icon Zar and I were invited to El Sotano by their Guest Relations Manager Francis Morillo who made sure we felt really special while talking us through the concept and personally serving us most of the dishes. El Sotano, meaning “a basement”, is a stylish and welcoming oasis of jungle- inspired and modern interior in an unlikely neighbourhood of Cala Mayor.

Icon Zar were treated to seven courses of exquisite dishes, each more elaborate than the previous. It is nearly impossible to pick a favourite, but if I had to, it would probably be Carpaccio de lomo de rubia gallega en 2 temperaturas, stuffed with Italian sundried tomato, olives, parmesan and truffle on one slice, and Indian flavours – pear chutney, wasabi and more – on the other!

The finale was one of the most intriguing deserts I have ever tried, that included raspberries immersed in liquid nitrogen to cleanse the palate, before we were treated to Cheesecake bruleé estilo vasco ligeramente ahumado, a sensory delight that joins together three cheese cheesecake, crème brulée and crumble.

Icon Zar’s upcoming exhibition will take place on December 14 at 7pm in the Artmadams hotel, featuring nine distinguished speakers discussing topics such as addictions, women immigrants, innovations, environment, women over 50, creativity, and unity in diversity.