Taste and colour to fuel your health

Brunchit opened its doors just off the Plaza Mayor in June of last year and apart from becoming a must for lovers of excellent and diverse food, it has also become a tourist attraction with its ornate exterior decorated in vibrant flowers which complements its menu.

Managers Ander Marin and Carolina D’Andrea are very pleased with how the venture has developed. The first Brunchit opened in Malaga in 2015 and there are now seven across Spain offering a new twist on brunch.

“We’re open every day of the year from 9am to 5pm and cater for all tastes. We offer light Mediterranean brunch dishes to the more heavy ones preferred by the Northern Europeans with burgers and sandwiches. But we also take great care of all of our clients’ needs be they vegan or vegetarian.

We offer something exciting and fresh for everyone, be it during the summer or the winter and we always go that extra mile to make sure we’re using the very best produce and take the utmost care of our clients.”