Dear Sir, midlanders Dave Winsper, Rockie Jennings and their wives, Susan and Betty, sat disconsolately on their suitcases with hundreds of disgruntled tourists at Palma Airport.

They faced a gruelling wait of several hours, because of the taxi drivers' strike, before they could get transport to Edificio Pelicano in Cala Mayor. They are spending their annual holiday there in the shadow of the Marivent Palace where King Juan Carlos and the Spanish royal Family will be vacationing in a few weeks time.

An observant taxi drivers' convenor spotted that Dave was holding a white stick and, pulling a mobile phone from his pocket, he called the first cab from the picket line. To the astonishment of the other strike bound tourists Dave and his party were hustled into the cab and sent off on their way to Cala Mayor.

Even the angry and militant taxi drivers were not prepared to spoil a blind man's holiday! Dave Winsper has been blind for 60 years - a victim since birth of the incurable Retina Pigmentosa Disease.

Not that Dave has ever let his misfortune sour him. He has devoted his life to helping people stricken by the same shattering disease. He has helped to raise thousands of pounds for the Retina Pigmentosa Association of which he is a founder. Sponsored by well-wishers, eager to help such a heart-rending cause, Dave has walked from Lands End to John O'Groats four times. He has completed the London Marathon tied to a sighted runner, trekked over three of the UK's highest mountains, rode in a tandem bike event, on the rear saddle of course, and next week is due to hike across the Isle of Skye.

As if that is not enough Dave organises dances, dinners and quiz nights for the charity and says: “I admire the way the Spanish help their blind with their excellent ONCE lottery. Not only does it raise money but keeps blind people in employment!” The lamps may have gone out for Dave Winsper, unless there is a medical miracle in his lifetime, but an Olympic torch burns in his heart and a spark of gratitude for the Palma cabbies who refused to turn their back on a blind man!

John Davies
Cala Major


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