Dear Sir, I have my own opinion about military ships. A part of NATO is told they are NOT WANTED in this Port of Palma and further more, after three days here the ship is escorted rudely out to sea accompanied by Mr Groesske and company (who is a minister in the Baleares government), disregarding citizen's points of view and their EMPTY businesses. The Balearic government “don't want such ships” here.

I wonder what they would have thought if they had looked skywards over these last years and watched the giant armed bombers flying over our air space heading to war zones and the former Yugoslavia. Of course I forgot they weren't in power then. God forbid that we don't have patrolling forces in the Med any longer. There are so many devious minds that can and might wreak havoc in a moment in the name of this cause or that. Surely THEY are not welcome in our “Friendly Port.” Mr Phillips it's time to end your whining when somenbody stands up and disagrees with your plainly supportive stance towards the left-wing government, whoops, plus nationalist/communist/greens. You take aim at the previous party in power who had one of the hardest routes to take, coming to terms with many mistakes made in their long standing government. Old PP (Partido Popular, conservative) members moved away to make way for a new generation, not helped in any way by a socialist government in Madrid led by Felipe Gonzalez, which itself was coming to terms with eight or nine top scandals against the Spanish people. The then conservative government of the Baleares was held to ransom for monies, ideas, and therefore progress.

Now into Jose Maria Aznar's fifth year in office in Madrid, the many injustices over tax and pensions are gradually being rectified. Sadly for some in the Balearics, the government here are doing everythin they can to disrupt all these attempts. Mr Phillips I do hope you approve of the strike called for Wednesday the 13th, to prevent large stores opening on Xmas Eve (Sunday, 24th Dec). Next day, the 14th a possible strike by administrative offices, with hours and money on their minds. No doubt you will take part in the planned action. My annoyance is against injustice on this island, which for the record, is why I got involved in politics. It is MY OPINION, and because of so many people who are also fed-up, but are too nervous to express publicly their point of view, I will continue to defend my stance and chosen party.

Marie Robinson


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