Dear Sir,

I have encountered a bit of a problem on this my umpteenth visit to your beautiful island. On the same day that the TEX MEX restaurant in Arenal could not accept my credit card because “the machine was not working” (I have my own thoughts on that one!), the brand new MERCADONA in Arenal refused my card because I was not carrying I.D. As a tourist it is recommended that I do not carry my passport, and as a British subject, I do not have an I.D.card. It would appear that the ”locals” are making it difficult for tourists to spend money. If it is policy on the island of Majorca that one must carry I.D. in order to spend money, then this should be publicised.
As a businesswoman I do know that it should not be necessary to provide I.D. when using credit/charge cards. The reason for cards is convenience and acceptance of use at point of purchase. I have travelled to quite a few countries and have not been asked to provide I.D. when purchasing goods or facilities with a credit/charge card. It is particularly disappointing that it should happen in Majorca as I am in the process of purchasing a property on the island for holiday use, with a view to retiring here in a few years, but it would appear that I may have to purchase all the furnishings for my new home in Britain and ship them over!!! Hardly convenient, and not very supportive of the Majorcan economy.

Has anyone a helpful solution to this problem.
Marie H., West Sussex.


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