Only one million euros to keep them clean and they haven't got it?
What they did have, and have misspent, to be polite, is 1.500 for the local TV, 700 for the local railways, 200 of which is for carriages which can't be used, 100's for subventions and other rackets, 100's for “silent investments” and roads that don't exist and a long etc.

All figures in millions, and, you will note, not much use in keeping the tourists happy.
Tourists they may ask. What are they?
Oh, and last but not least, 240.000 a year to pay for some traditional dancers to welcome important guests to the local government offices.
Apparently six times last year and I bet there wasn't a tourist present.
All, it should be reminded, even to those who don't live here on a permanent basis, with your money.
Yes the stuff you are relieved of when buying or selling your property and recently on the cost of fuel. Great isn't it? At least the suns shining.
Disgruntled in Santa Ponsa.
Simon Tow


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