Dear Sir,
I guess I've a warped sense of humour but I couldn't help putting together two items in your newspaper today to get the result that the new police recruits (page 2) will have to do training on how to judge the quality of street entertainers (page 3). But, seriously, it's not all that amusing is it? Palma needs more police on the beat to fight petty crime and any time they spend deciding whether “mimes, jugglers and clowns” are of “sufficient quality” will be time wasted.
Yours, Gordon Barrot, Playa de Palma.
Dear Sir,
THE “bottelon” habit of Palma's young people is disgusting and inconsiderate, but mainly because of the mess they leave behind, which your picture (January 4) showed only too clearly. However, despite taking a magnifying glasss to the picture, I could not see a single rubbish container for the bottles and bags that were left on the pavement. Mightn't it help if the local authorities put out some skips or other containers?
(Mrs) Jane Phelan, Puerto Portals.


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