Dear Sir,
Advertised in your Friday 1st July paper “Second Balearic Tennis Tournament” at Santa Ponsa “FREE ADMISSION” my wife and I arrived to find the free seats all filled. We were informed that there were no free places. On looking at the stands we saw one end completely empty (see enclosed photo) with maybe over 100 seats. We went back and asked if we could either pay or use these seats as the match had just started and it seemed a shame to not fill all the seats up. We were told that these seats were reserved for VIP people who had obviously not turned up.. We were not alone as many people were unable to come in. Some young teenagers keen to see their fan Rafael Nadal climbed the railings and sat on these free seats.. They were soon escorted off the stand by the security guards. Who are these VIP's? After a fruitless wait for 30 minutes when we hoped they would change their minds we went home and watches the women's finals at Wimbledon Yours faithfully.
Niels Svendsen.


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