Dear Sir, WE have recently returned from our annual visit to Puerto Pollensa a place we love to return to every year – enjoying the pleasant and beautifully kept area of sea and country However, this year we were most disturbed to find a greatly increased incidence of fouling by dogs which appear to wander without supervision, particularly horrifying was seeing this on the beach. Is there no legislation in the Balearics to control this menace? Perhaps your publication which we buy daily when we are in Majorca could publicise this menace.
We ourselves are dog lovers but are aware of this potential health hazard.
Best broadcaster in the world
Dear Sir, SO David Lee is at it again, fighting the world's best news service, the BBC. However, in quoting Lord Donoughue, who was once Harold Wilson's head of policy, and no mean user of 'spin' himself in his better days, he does his argument little good. It seems only courtesy to quote Lord Donoughue and spell his name correctly. It seems David Lee is not so well–informed as he is verbose. He should also know that The Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has his own agenda for the BBC, as many local residents who used to be able to get it on satellite will have found out. (Don't worry – you'll soon be able to get Fox News – believe me, that's wonderful. If you've ever had to choose between BBC World dubbed in Japanese, or Fox News, you'd probably still choose the BBC, as I have often done in the Philippines). The irony of all the fuss is that the BBC was always solidly pro–war. A comprehensive study by Media Tenor analysed the war coverage of some of the world's leading broadcasters and found that the BBC allowed less dissent than all of them, including the US networks. A study by Cardiff University found much the same. No, I don't believe Tony deliberately lied to Parliament. I think he's just been had by some very nasty characters in Washington. It was Rumsfeld's 'Office of Special Plans' which sexed up all the bogus intelligence about Iraq's 'imminent threats'. But if Blair was suckered into war, and suckered the rest of us into it too, then he should resign anyway.
Richard Parker


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