Dear Sir,

RATHER than joyfully urging readers to ‘Cash in on the weak pound this Christmas' (Majorca Daily Bulletin, Sunday November 16), shouldn't your newspaper be focusing on the disastrous effect the run on the pound will have on the local tourist industry.

After recent comments by the irresponsible shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, I and millions of other savers and investors will be looking for safer havens for our hard earned sterling, when the banks and other financial institutions open for business after the weekend break. This will cause sterling to fall to a new record low against the euro.

And back in Britain, thousands of people will be cancelling plans to come to the Balearics for their annual holiday, because they can no longer afford such a luxury, as the pound heads towards parity with the euro.

George Osborne will have a lot to answer for. I trust that no British expatriate, in receipt of a sterling pension, will be voting Tory at the next election.

Yours faithfully,

George Tunnell



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