Amazing Swimming Pond

One end of the amazing swimming pond at Kairos Project.

06-11-2020Caroline Fuller

Swimming with Nature

My husband, I recently visited a wonderful place called the Kairos project. ( It’s not a difficult place to find in the countryside on the outskirts of Costix, though It it feels like a million miles from civilisation. It’s a place of peace and serenity and our hostess Margaux was a pleasure to meet and speak with.
The whole purpose of the property is as a place of retreat where healthy living and eating are combined with yoga practice and health giving activity.

Swimming Pond.
The purpose for our visit is the magnificent swimming pond. Margaux had recently posted a picture of it in the Mallorca Gardeners group and I couldn’t not go and see it! From a gardening point of view this pond is a beautiful area which could only enhance a garden and add to a healthy eco system. Finished 3 years ago the pond has attracted local frogs which plopped into the water as I walked around, swimming down to hide in the reeds and the rocks which adorn the inside and outside of the pond. Around shallow edges of the pond are water plants such as lilies. I also saw dragon flies that left ripples on the surface where they dipped as they caught mosquitos.

Swimming Pond
Whilst at its deepest it is 1.7 metres, there are planting ‘shelves’ for the reeds and plants which help clean and filter the water.
The workings of the pond itself are not dissimilar to an in ground swimming pool, the difference being no need for chemicals. The filtering system is a traditional sand filter and the water is treated with an ultraviolet light which removes bacteria.
The plants themselves also filter and oxygenate and there is also a large oxygenating pump in the centre of the pool. The water was beautifully clean and inviting and I am told not that cold. A couple of different options make it possible to enter, a sloping beach and a wooden pier from which to dive straight in. Sitting by the pond felt calming and it was truely a relaxing experience. Water gardens are a very calming feature in any garden and I can imagine how amazing it must be to be able to swim with nature every morning as does Margaux, all year round. In the summer months it is possible to share this experience by way of water yoga classes which I can imagine would be wonderful. (Other classes are held all year round in this lovely space.)

Water Lily
A natural pond seems very appealing to me as along with the benefits of swimming in chemical free water you also get the benefit of a bit of gardening with your morning swim, now that’s something I’d like in my life!

Balcony Planting Ideas

Balcony Garden

Shirley Hunt sent these photos of her balcony garden.


During the initial lockdown Shirley decided to start growing more on her balcony and pictured above is an avocado grown from its seed. She has also planted peppers which look to be doing very well.

Peppers growing nicely

Well done Shirley.

My Little Garden - by Linda Greipel

Peppers being watched over

This week on the Mallorca Gardeners group Linda Greipel shared some fantastic pictures of her ´little garden´on her balcony. I contacted her and asked her if she would tell me more and here is her story:
I started my little terrace vegetable garden in Spring, eagerly planting all the kitchen tea essentials; tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, basil, mint, chili’s, and my favourite, padron peppers.
I used 25 litre cement buckets (cost-effective pots) and bought quite a lot of compost, and set about being self-sufficient with a few organic vegetables and herbs.
I found it very rewarding and using produce that was personally loved and grown, by me was a great sense of achievement.

Balcony Garden
I was hooked! and now on a mission, so I planted some Autumn crops namely; Broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, celery, radishes, chives, carrots, sweet peas, green beans, lettuce, Chinese lettuce, and even a pot of strawberries.
Much to my amazement, they have all grown. I have once fortnightly given them organic food, lots of love and attention, and the odd ‘’green smoothie’’ which I have made from peelings and old bananas, just to put something organic into the shop-bought compost (a good quality I might add.) I mix garlic, fresh mint, cayenne pepper (boil, let the mixture stand overnight and then sieve) and add a little organic soap to spray on my crops in order to keep the bugs away, this works well.

Linda's 'little garden'
I have a few extra pots ready for re-planting my beets and aubergines, as anything else, will have to start growing vertically now or hang over for my neighbours below to enjoy. I may have to sacrifice a few of the larger crops (like the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) due to spacing, but the main thing is that they grow, given the amount of sunshine, space, and climate. Knowing that I can walk out onto my terrace and pick something edible, that hasn’t had to harm the environment by traveling from far, or been processed and packaged is very heartwarming. I would like to inspire others to grow their little bit of organic produce. Happy Planting.

This is brilliant well done Linda.

If anyone wants to send in pictures of their gardens or wants to tell me about it, please get in touch.

if you’d like to find out what I get up to in my own garden, please do read my blog.


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