Europe is in a bit of a shambles at the moment and the future is only looking more uncertain. To start with, Catalonia wants independence and the EU has been heavily criticised for having done absolutely nothing to try and smooth over the dispute, which is setting a dangerous precedent - and the EU knows it. Within the union there are some 260 regions which either want independence from their central governments or at least more autonomy. There are also a few countries which are mulling over the idea of following the UK's lead. "Merry Christmas and warm holiday wishes!" tweeted the Commission, but Europeans rounded on the well-wishing - attacking them for their failures.

The Greeks are unhappy and many Britons said they were waiting until they break away to really start celebrating, while less than half of Europeans have a positive image of the European Union. Trust in the EU has declined, according to its own poll.

The Standard Eurobarometer survey revealed that half of Europeans also do not think that their voices count in the EU. Immigration was the top concern, followed by the threat of terrorism. And most are against the key policy of future enlargement of the EU to include other countries - little chance of that I fear.

But Britons will have been rejoicing, they are getting the blue passport back - a real game changer in the mess we are all in.


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Will / Hace over 3 years

EU citizens are waking up to the lunacy of the EU Commission and increasingly voting to regain their individual democracies. Yes the EU project is not fit for the modern world.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Who, may I ask, has heavily criticised the EU for doing nothing about the Catalan problem ? Mr Puigdemont and his merry band of followers perhaps ?. Anybody else ?