Everyone managed to remember that the clocks went forward last weekend. Little did they realise in the UK that they were, overnight, an hour closer to the United Kingdom crashing out of the European Union without a deal in just a matter of days - hours.

With the outlook becoming increasingly serious, with the likes of France having made it clear they are fed up with the behaviour of parliamentarians in the UK and unwilling to do the country any extra favours (what short memories some people have), the UK needs a crack team of clear and like-minded thinking people to sort this debacle out - to come up with a winning plan.

There are enough elder statesmen of great respect and experience in the house, whatever side, who could lead a crack team comprising a handsome smooth operator, a big bruiser and a nutcase - an A-Team. The UK needs a John "Hannibal" Smith to take on this highly sensitive mission to not only bring deserting and ill-disciplined MPs into line while preparing to defeat the European Union’s mounting desire to see the back of the UK as quickly as possible so that the EU can get on with tackling other important issues the bloc is facing. And the same can be said for MPs in the UK.

So much time and money has been wasted on Brexit while other burning problems such as health, education and crime have been left on the back burner.