Demanding Germans

Dear Sir,

I was horrified to see the report in the Bulletin that Germans with holiday homes were making demands of the Spanish government, how arrogant! Perhaps someone should remind them it is not the past and Spain is a democratic and they’re doing everything possible to contain corvid 19, people across the world and countries are struggling with this catastrophic virus. I spent many years as joint chair of inter parliament WTO with a German MP, we worked as a team for the benefit of all its members. Now is the time to work together to ensure the island’s future. It’s not just for ourselves but for future generations. Majorca is a jewel and we must all support its government and all the small and medium businesses, cafes, bars, restaurants etc when this pandemic is over. If these individuals feel so strongly about the lockdown then they should vent their anger at the Chinese not at the government. These are difficult times for all and it’s not the time for selfish individuals.

Robert Sturdy
Cambridge / Brussels