That is highly unlikely to happen to any of us, however, were such things possible, I wish I was a dog right now.

Never mind daily outdoor exercising, I have noticed over the past few weeks how social my neighbourhood four-legged friends have become. Pre lockdown, owners would yomp round the Paseo Mallorca and the local park paying little or no attention to their fellow pet owners, even their dogs ignored their fellow furry friends.

Now, it’s a whole new ball game. Most of the dogs have become extremely sociable.

Their owners are stopping to allow their pets to have a good chat and sniff while they too make the most of the opportunity to have a quick chin wag while their pets put the world to rights.

Trouble is, none of us can understand a word of what they are talking about - one thing is for sure, they are having a whale of a time catching up on all the latest gossip with the sun beating down on their backs and not a care in the world - no chance of them getting hit with a fine for breaking social distancing rules.

What is more, they’ve probably never been fitter and certainly don’t have to make a song and dance every time they want to go out for walkies - a word dog owners used to hate having to mention. Now any signs of wanting to stretch their legs and out they go. I could also give a former Bulletin colleague who is obsessed with attacking the paper on line a well deserved bite!