Consumer habits have changed drastically since we were plunged into lockdown here in Spain and I guess it’s the same across most of the world.

With all but essential shops closed for months, everyone went on line and the large stores and crafty owners of food outlets did there best to guide us to their digital services and on line consumer boom followed and it looks like it’s here to stay, much to the dismay of the small retail sector which, under the current climate which is not going to change much in the short to mid term, can not compete without state aid.

I have to admit, I was still just getting used to on line banking on the eve of lockdown having always preferred “face time” whether it be dealing with my financial affairs or shopping - I like to try clothes and shoes on before buying them. I don’t care if you can return goods bought on line and exchange them for free - it may be extremely practical but it takes time and, unless vital, a waste of time in my point of view.

Plus, with the on line consumer and financial trend set to continue growing, some sector of society will be left behind.

What about the elderly, not all are capable to navigating their way through on line shopping and banking sites - many are scared to put their personal and financial details on the world wide web and I fully understand their concerns.