I suppose having Catalonia in the headline of a non-Spanish newspaper is not going to grab the attention of most readers, so it’s being replaced by Spain and it’s sending out the wrong messages.

Yes, a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, are reviewing their advice regarding travel to Catalonia (Barcelona) because of the region having suffered an alarming spike in the number of Covid-19 cases and some four million people being urged to only leave home fort essential items and avoid travelling if possible. For the moment it is voluntary, but should the spike continue, there is a strong possibility that it will become compulsory and that would be a game changer for the region which is home to numerous extremely popular coastal tourists resorts not to mention the capital itself.

Zaragoza is in a similar situation, but the whole of Spain is not and that goes for Majorca.

And this is a message the local authorities hotel federations and associations need to be investing in to get across.

The Majorcan health service is first class and is working in tandem with the private sector while strict laws are in place regarding the Covid-19 protocol.

Right now, Majorca is one of the safest destinations in Spain, if not Europe, to come on holiday and the island should be blasting that from the roof tops so the rest of Europe hears it loud and clear. Left any longer, it will too late and very costly.