Covid passports are going to become part of our future as we move forward. | Gemma Andreu


I touched on this a few months ago when it started to become clear that covid passports were going to become a part of life as we emerge from the pandemic and get used to living with covid.

And, covid passports will not only be a vital tool with regards to travel, I fear that some countries which have always had very strict border controls such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada may only allow people in if they have a complete passport - travel testing centres will eventually disappear.

They are costly, need to be staffed and, in theory, if everyone fit to be jabbed has done so, then there should be no need for endless testing.

However, what will this mean for people who neither believe in the virus nor the vaccine?
Obviously, protocol will be in place for people, for medical reasons, who are not able to be vaccinated but for those who have chosen not to get jabbed, they may find life rather complicated and restricted.

The rights to free travel and then going into bars, restaurants, clubs, cultural centres, cinemas and sporting events could be stripped for the non believers and that is going to open up a whole new can of worms with regards to human rights.

Lawyers are going to have a field day while governments will face a nightmare.

One thing is for sure, life as we knew it, is never going to be the same again.