Digital nomads are a new market but Mallorca seems to have missed the boat

Digital nomads are a new market but Mallorca seems to have missed the boat.

05-08-2021Emilio Naranjo - mlp - EFE - EFE

The pandemic has brought about many changes to people’s lives. Not only are more working from home, but many have decided to upsticks and work remotely from different parts of the world.

In fact, the digital nomad market has become so large that a growing number of countries are doing all they can to attract remote workers from around the world.

There are locations in Spain which have been quick to catch on, the Canary Islands have special packages for digital nomads - they have become welcome as long stay guests in hotels struggling with low occupancy levels.

They have also helped to breathe new life into dying areas of Spain where populations have been shrinking with youngsters heading off for the bright lights of the big cities. Digital nomads looking for some peace and quiet in more rural settings have filled their place.
Working remotely is an attractive offer: there is usually no required daily commute and employees can work in an environment best suited to their work style. For some employees, it means a life on the road.

Studies show that many employees have become more productive since moving to a remote format thanks to fewer distractions. Mallorca is talking digital and start-ups and all that, but it is not being proactive in attracting the international market and digital nomads who would gladly come and spend a long time on the island.


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