Mallorca may have posted record employment figures, sadly they will not last. | Toni Albir - EFE - EFE

The latest unemployment figures at the end of last month showed that the Balearics had experienced the highest month-on-month rise in employment in Spain, excellent news.

Clearly, the main driving force behind the rise in people getting a job was the tourist industry, in particular the service sector, however, when the tourist season comes to end, so do the jobs.

So, come the end of the season the unemployment figures will go up again and, I hate to say it, sharply. What I did find interesting was the response from the unions.
Normally, on the back of such positive data, the champagne corks are popping - not this time.

Apart from warning that the vast majority of the jobs are seasonal and on short term contracts, what struck me most was the comment that, in many cases, the wrong people had been employed.

I think Europe has suffered an exodus of staff as a result of the pandemic, many foreign workers have gone home - just look at the UK - and the domestic workforce does not appear capable of properly filling the vacancies to the standard clients and customers are used to.

Quality service is vital for leading tourist destinations like Mallorca, not to mention for the local population, and I have noticed over the past few months that standards have dropped, wish I could say the same about prices.