The glue used to secure the parquet flooring of the gymn at the Principes de España sports pavilion was the reason why it went up in flames so quickly, according to the fire brigade report, which has been delivered to the police. It is believed that the fire - which caused alarm on the city on Sunday as a thick cloud of dense smoke enveloped the area - started near the area used by gymnasts. This area is designed with fire-resistant material, but a cheap glue was used to secure the parquet. It was highly combustible and acted as a conductor to the flames. The tubular structure of the roof offered less resistance to high temperatures than a normal construction, which is why the uralite roof twisted and finally collapsed within a matter of minutes. The first emergency call was received at 6.46pm and the firemen were at the scene in less than a minute, however, they were still fixing up their hoses when the roof collapsed. The report says that it was technically impossible for the precinct to have gone up in flames between the time the smoke was detected until the firemen arrived, so that the fire must have been burning slowly for some hours, until it came into contact with the glue.


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