Fundraising for the Centro Canino animal home is progressing well, with the grand total having just passed the 7 million pesetas mark. The centre is doomed to be closed down at some point in the near future, due to new laws which will turn that area of Palma into a green belt. The volunteers are still steadily searching for somewhere new to house the hundreds of stray cats and dogs they tend to. This is proving a difficult task as property on the island is so expensive and the site must meet specific needs of housing animals. The last major fund raising exercise undertaken by the centre was a stall at the successful Esporles “Isladencanta” festival. President of the society, Hattie Winstanley, said yesterday that the event had been a fruitful one; “Overall we raised 100'000 pesetas from the stall, selling t-shirts, key rings and badges. We also managed to make many new people aware of our plight which was a very good result.” Previous to the festival, the centre held a Summer Barbecue at Santa Ponsa Country Club. This event was attended by acclaimed journalist Selina Scott, an avid supporter of the centre, and raised over half a million pesetas. Hattie yesterday extended her thanks to those who continue to support the centre and its work; “We have many more animals at the moment than usual, at this time of year there are people abandoning cats and dogs as they go on holiday, move house or just get bored and there are very few adopting, we appreciate all the help we can get.”