The National Police have arrested two men who have been robbing tourists while they have been swimming in waters off the beaches of Arenal, Can Pastilla and Cala Major along the Playa de Palma. The arrests have come as a result of an operation mounted by the National Police in response to a sharp incresae in the number of crimes of this kind and last week two men were caught. Both men were found in the possession of rucksacks full of stolen items including wallets, watches, passports, sun glasses, mini-compact disc players, walkmans and mobile phones. What is more, police are convinced that the two beach thieves were selling the stolen goods on. One of the suspects has a history of 12 previous arrests and initially supplied the police with a false name and address. However, once rumbled by the police he admitted that the goods had been stolen from tourists along the beaches and that he did have a “commercial” relationship with the other suspect. According to the police, the men would operate alone, preying on people as they went for a swim and would strike on a number of occasions in the same day. The Arenal beach is infamous for robberies, especially in the early hours of the morning when holidaymakers, some after a few drinks too many, fall asleep on the sand. However, police have been surprised by the amount of valuable goods and personal belongings that people take to the beach, when they should be left in hotel or apartment safes.