Residents in Pla de Sant Jordi just outside Palma continue to suffer from a plague of mosquitoes, caused by the water which has remained stagnant since flooding took place earlier this month. The authorities have been informed of the problem, but various neighbours have complained to the media that nothing is being done about it. “The mosquitoes are eating us alive, and our animals, too,” is the widespread lament. A farmer from S'Aranjassa said that he had contacted the city council but was told that it was up to the Balearic ministry of agriculture to solve the problem. However, when he approached the ministry, he was told that it was EMAYA, the water board, who had to solve the problem. Several people claim that they have needed medical attention for the mosquito bites, and say that their farm animals, particularly the horses, are suffering. Part of the problem is that Pla de Sant Jordi is low-lying land with poor drainage, which means that after heavy rain, the land takes a long time to dry out. People living in Palma's Paseo Mallorca have also complained about an increase in mosquitoes.