The NATO fleet sailed in to Palma yesterday.


The MCMForsouth NATO fleet of minesweepers sailed in to Palma yesterday including the Royal Navy's HMS Bangor. HMS Bangor is a Sandown Class mine hunter/sweeper, which are regarded by NATO to be the best ships in the world for mine counter measure operations. Accompanying the Bangor in the NATO fleet are mine hunter/sweepers from Turkey, the Sokullu Mehmetpasa served in the Bosnian conflict, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany. Turkey is in command of operations until May 2002, when Spain will take over. Commander of the Turkish ship, Captain Niyasi Senol yesterday said that the mission of the MCMForsouth fleet “is to help in repelling any aggression against NATO, to help in the increase of security while being on standby to provide assistance to Mediterranean countries.”