By Humphrey Carter

THE Balearic judiciary is to undergo one of the biggest shake-ups in history with the introduction of fast-track hearings and 24-hour courts.
Each of the region's six judicial zones, Palma, Inca, Manacor, Ibiza, Mahón and Ciutadella are to be boosted with extra magistrates, state prosecutors and staff while in Palma, a 24-hour court is to be set up to deal with penal and civil cases round-the-clock. The man in charge of making sure the judicial process is as effective as possible, Alberto Dorrego, announcing the improvement yesterday, also said that the 24-hour court will lead to 60% of summer crimes being solved as quickly as possible, preferably while visitors involved are still in the Balearics. “Justice can not be allowed to go on holiday during the summer, with more staff, a new work method and better planning, the Balearic judiciary will become much for efficient,” Dorrego said. The new system is going to cost more money, but Dorrego confirmed yesterday that the Justice Ministry has agreed to triple its funding of the Balearic judiciary, in particular the fast-track summer courts. Changes to the law to enable foreign victims or suspects to attend court hearings by video link-up from their country of origin is still being discussed.


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