Staff Reporter A BRITISH tourist named only as Mark T H, aged 20, died in the early hours of yesterday morning after falling 12 metres from a balcony. The Guardia Civil, who are investigating the case, are working on two theories, that he may have forgotten the key to his rented apartment and tried to climb up the façade, or he may have leaned over the balcony and lost his balance.

The body was spotted by a neighbour who called the Local Police of Calvia.
The tourist was still alive but unconscious when the police and an ambulance arrived, but paramedics were unable to save his life.
His friends needed medical attention for shock.
He is the second young tourist to die in similar circumstances in less than a month.
On May 26, German tourist Marc Ziegeweidt, aged 19, died after falling from the second floor balcony of his Cala Rajada hotel, a height of five metres.

He was on an end of studies trip with a group of 60 students.
In Selva, a four year old child, Baltasar Moragues Llofre, drowned after falling into a swimming pool. The child lived in Can Picafort with his parents but was spending a few days with relatives in Selva.

He was pulled out of the pool alive but although paramedics worked for more than half an hour, they were unable to save him.
In Puntiró, the body of a Spaniard, Pedro Pascual Cañellas, aged 43, was found inside a van which had gone over an embankment in Puntiró, near Palma.
He had been reported missing two weeks ago.
According to police sources, he had been dead for about two weeks.