Plans in question

T HE ruling government team on Calvia Town Council, a Partido Popular and Union Majorca coalition, is to ask for the withdrawal of the housing development plans at Son Massot and Ses Planes if the programme fails to secure unanimous support from the rest of the Council.

The uncertainty surrounding the project is given an extra edge by the fact that the final decision of the Council will be tabled only two hours before the Balearic government sets its seal on the regional Territory Plan, a document on which such developments must be listed before building can get licensed. A socialist spokesman said his party will vote against the projects because they are not “environmentally sustainable”.

All-in-one centre

THE old school building in Santa Margalida is to have a new auditorium annexed to the current structure which will have capacity for 236 spectators. The main building will retain its present façade.

Integral reform work will start at the beginning of the New Year. After completion, the district will have for the first time, a multi-purpose centre where features will include an exhibition area, municipal archives, and an information room.

Cost of reform will total 2'620'000 euros and is being financed by the Balearic government as part of its strategy to promote all-year-round tourism in the region.

The main building will continue to be the old school. A library will be set up on the ground floor along with an exhibition room and a small interpreting centre where tourists can find out about the history of the town.

Grave complaint

T HE Partido Popular party on Binissalem Town Council have condemned the abandoned state of the local cemetery saying that the ruling government team in the district “limit their responsibilities to giving it a clean up once every year for All Saints Day.


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