Clean-up phone-in

THE Spanish telephone company, Telefonica set up a free line yesterday, contracted by the Town Council of Andratx, for members of the public who wish to phone in any suggestions they may have on rubbish collection and street cleaning services.

The introduction of the new number, 900 777 150, was ratified by local mayor, Eugenio Hidalgo, who had agreed to utilise such a system as a way of improving levels of cleanliness in the streets, squares and municipal gardens of Andratx.

Industry on the horizon

THE ruling coalition government team in Ses Salines, including the Partido Popular and Majorca Union parties, have approved a change in local bylaws which will allow businesses to be set up in high population areas of Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Sebastia Vidal, mayor in Ses Salines as well as head of Town Planning, explained that the modification will allow the opening of “bars, food shops and bakers”, which up until now has been prohibited by municipal statutes in Colonia de Sant Jordi. The same ruling doesn't affect Ses Salines where such trading is freely allowed.

Mayor's deputy, Antoni Caldentey, said that “people will be able to open businesses which don't cause a nuisance. For example, a mechanical workshop or a carpentry outlet won't be allowed, but bakers' shops and bars fall within the regional Ministry of Industry's stipulated guidelines”.

Not in our backyard

THE Residents' Association in Santa Caterina has unanimously decided not to accept a proposal made by the local mayor who aims to authorise the opening of businesses which do not provide any nuisance factors to the neighbourhood.

Local people have declared: “we don't want business of any kind here in Santa Caterina, neither during the day nor by night; we want the area kept purely residential as it is at the moment”. Neighbours say, however, that they don't want any direct confrontation with the mayor as he has been fair in listening to their demands up until now.

To drink or not to drink

THE results of separate analyses to test whether the drinking water supply of Muro falls within acceptable parameters, or not, have failed to coincide. The local water company Sorea, and the Socialist party in Opposition on the Town Council (PSOE), arranged for separate samples to be drawn at four different points in the district, witnessed by a notary.

Mayor of Muro, Miquel Ramis, decided to set up the test runs after claims at a Council meeting in November purported that the water in the area was not drinkable.

It has now been suggested that analyses should be undertaken by two separate companies, possibly ones which are not based on the Island.
Christmas unity

DANCING, food sampling and decoration workshops are just some of the activities which have been taking place in Arta to highlight the skills of people coming from different cultures. Organised by a non governmental group, Arta Solidari, the event was strongly supported.

Gastronomers galore

T HE Bahia de Llevant Gastronomic Association has opened its doors to eleven new members, linked professionally to the world of the restaurateur. Medals were handed out at an official ceremony on Sunday night at a dinner held in Sa Coma. The Association now has 38 members.


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