Staff reporter A Majorcan team of emergency experts will tomorrow fly out to help the relief operation in Indonesia while a group of locally-based British entertainers, friends and supporters will hike up Son Caliu mountain to raise funds for the aid operation.

At 10am tomorrow, the sponsored walk will leave the Oasis Bar in San Caliu and make its way to the top of the Son Caliu mountain, some 3'000 feet above sea level to raise funds for Son Risa Medica. This is the local charity which helps children in local hospitals the entertainers annually raise funds for. Funds will also go to the South East Asia relief operation.

Organisers said yesterday that the more the merrier and anyone who wants to join the walk is more than welcome.
Later tomorrow afternoon, the Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació will be sending a team of experts and much-needed equipment and material out to Jakarta on board a special Futura flight from Palma which takes off at 4pm.

Fons Mallorquí has got together with other local and national charity foundations, such as Bomberos Sin Fronteras which is sending a logistical team to take care of managing and distributing the materials being flown out tomorrow.

The aid's final destination is the area of Banda Ache where the Spanish International Co-operation Agency is busy working. On board tomorrow's flight will be four members of Bomberos Sin Fronteras, fire fighters from the Cartagena fire brigade in Murcia, tents to accommodate 160 people and two portable water purification units.

The plane will also be carrying extra supplies for the International Agency.
The team will remain on the ground in Banda Ache for at least eight days. Over one million euros has already been donated in the Balearics. The Balearic Red Cross has raised over 138.300 euros and the local government has set aside 150.000 euros. Calvia Council is to set up a special fund-raising organisation with the co-operation of resident and cultural associations.