Palma.— The findings have been brought to light by Government inspectors over the past eight months of the year, tracking down people working without a proper contract or social security cover.

From January to August, 9'023 inspections were carried out, 1'040 more than the same time in 2011. There were 1'185 cases of irregular employment confirmed by the inspectors during these eight months, 920 more than the same period in 2011.

According to the Central Government delegate in the Balearics, the Provincial inspection is made up a new team dedicated to eking out situations where people, often foreigners, have not been given a proper contract or employers are not paying into Social Security on their behalf. The team is made up of a manager with 12 sub inspectors working under him.

The team has been working in construction, agriculture, transport, commerce and especially in the hostelry sector. Members have been assisted where necessary by State security forces. In the hostelry sector alone, 2'708 inspections were carried out over the first eight months of the year.

The 12'589 checks made from January to August into correct Social Security payments were 1'043 cases more than in the same period in 2011; 1'270 irregularities came to light. Fines worth 5.8 million euros have been imposed as a result, 13% more than in 2011.