Palma.—UGT Union General Secretary Lorenzo Bravo said yesterday that the Partido Popular is “in deep trouble” over the implication of its senior members in the Caso Over corruption scandal, particularly former Balearic President Jaume Matas.

Speaking to the media, Bravo claimed that cases of alleged corruption were “coming out of the woodwork like mushrooms” in the heart of the Partido Popular party in the Balearics.

Bravo said that the enormous debt which the region is now facing is not in fact the inheritance of the Socialist coalition as has been claimed by the Partido Popular but rather the result of the policies of former Balearic President Jaume Matas. “The PP is up to its neck in corruption,” said Bravo, adding that there were other political parties who were tainted as well. “The Partido Popular needs to take a good look at itself,” said Bravo. He furthered that the present Balearic President, José Ramón Bauzá “doesn't understand what government is about” and is reportedly “running around like a headless chicken.” Bravo said that although Bauzá had said that he would rid the Balearics of the scourge of corruption, “more than half of Parliament is already affected.” Suspicion
Speaking in relation to the Over Marketing corruption scandal, Bravo pointed out that ex Central Government delegate in the Balearics José María Rodríguez and former General Secretary for the regional Partido Popular, is just one case of “several people who have always been there and who were always suspected”.

However, Bravo confessed that he was “surprised” about rumours that the President of the Balearic Parliament Pere Rotger might also be implicated.
Bravo said that “things continue to creep out from under the carpet” but that he hoped that this would be the last case of political corruption that would come to light.