Palma.—With this strategy at the forefront, the members of the Organising Committee of Palma's thirtieth boat show met yesterday at the government offices of the Consolat de Mar in Palma with Balearic President José Ramón Bauzá.

Lourdes Cardona, the regional secretary for the Promotion of Business and Employment said after the event that the Boat Show is an example of the effectiveness and efficiency of cooperation between the public and private sectors. “Working together side by side is the way forward to kickstarting the economy again and creating employment,” said Cardona. “It's a guaranteed recipe for success ,” she claimed.

Cardona said that as a novelty this year, the boat show will be adapted to the market as it currently stands, and to the proposals and needs of the sector.

The government's policy, said Cardona, is to reinforce all possibilities which promote the Balearics as a number one spot for nautical tourism.
Tomeu Bestard, the President of the Federation of Balearic Nautical Companies, highlighted the importance of the regional government working in tandem with private enterprise. “It will serve as a model for the future despite the crisis,” Bestard claimed. “Things can be done more effectively and economically. It's much better than having an operational policy imposed on the private sector by government.” Cardona said that the budget for the Palma Boat show this year is 300'000 euros and that it is self-financing.
Activities will include a Tapa-Mar 2013 featuring seafood gastronomy based on traditional recipes; and the European Union-backed Maremostra 2013 Ocean International Film Festival which takes a look at the sea from both modern and classic perspectives.